Day Care from Bio Repair Line


50 ml

A day cream that increases moisture level, slows down the aging process, and prevents wrinkles.


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Bio Repair Line

The Bio Repair Line acts to rehabilitate skin that has suffered environmental damage. The line is based on collagen, elastin and a unique repair complex that prevents and corrects damage to skin cells.

Is this the right product for you?

The product line is intended for all skin types, especially for damaged and dull skin.

What are the product usage instructions?

Apply daily in the morning.





Professional skincare products based on active ingredients that deliver visible results.

Additional information

Active ingredients

Collagen is a protein, the most important in the skin because it is responsible for its elasticity and strength. With time, its production decreases and the fibers weaken and loose form causing the skin to look saggy, tired and wrinkled. Research has shown that vitamin C plays the role of co-producer in collagen synthesis and products with a high percentage will improve collagen’s structure.

It is a protein elastic fiber that gives the skin its elasticity. These thin fibers allow the skin to retain its original shape and with the years, as its production diminishes it influences the skin’s elasticity and firmness loss.

Helps repair damages to skin cells caused by UV radiation through the acceleration of the cell’s natural repair and rehabilitation processes.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, protects against free radicals and protects the skin from sun radiation. It is also essential to the improvement of the skin’s moisture level and loss of moisture in the epidermis.