The core blends of HL PROFESSIONAL PEELS, the comprehensive range of cosmetic grade exfoliators, are based on proprietary blends of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) further enhanced with key actives such as BHA, Retinol and extracts to reach the optimal synergy point.


The HL proprietary blends of Alpha Hydroxy Acids comprise 5 AHAs: glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid and tartaric acid, in different concentrations and ratios. These acids are sourced from milk as well as fruits such as oranges, lemons, sugar cane, sugar maple and bilberry.


AHAs have been defined as one of the most effective cosmetic ingredients in topical treatments. On the epidermis AHAs work by shedding the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a newer, smoother skin. The extent of the exfoliation of epidermal cells in the stratum corneum depends on the type and concentration of AHAs, complementary ingredients in the product as well as the treatment technique.


The HL proprietary blends of Alpha Hydroxy Acids are further intensified with BHA, Retinol and potent key actives such as vitamins A and C, Grape Seed, Pomegranate and Acai complete and intensify the benefits. Each ingredient plays an important role in the formulation, offering a treatment solution via strength and suitability based on the needs of different skin conditions and aesthetic treatments.


The HL PROFESSIONAL PEELS will assist by improving skin’s barrier function, stimulating cellular renewal, boost collagen synthesis and increase hyaluronic acid levels for improved elasticity and skin hydration. They help rejuvenate balance and beautify the complexion.

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